Real Estate

Real Estate

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Deed preparation ensures that a designated person has a proper claim to real property such as a home, farm, or business building. A deed is a document that establishes legal ownership. How the deed is worded can make a significant difference both to a seller and a buyer.

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Purchase Contracts

Real estate transactions may involve various legal issues, large sums of money and several parties. This may be true whether it involves an individual buying or selling his or her first home, or the purchase or sale of a commercial property.

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Land Installment Contracts

A land installment contract is a legally-binding document used to purchase real estate over a period of time. A land installment contract is a type of seller financing. Unlike a mortgage, the purchaser makes payments to the seller until the balance is paid in full, at which time the title to the real estate is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

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As a real estate attorney, we can help you prepare & review the legal documents of a mortgage sale and title transfer. We also make sure the sales agreement you sign for your new home or commercial property protects your interests. A minor oversight can result in long-term legal repercussions.

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