Landlord – Tenant Law

Landlord / Tenant Law

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Lease agreements between landlords and commercial or residential tenants can be complicated. We can prepare or analyze the agreement to insure that your interests are protected. We also make every reasonable effort to eliminate ambiguous language that may cause disputes down the road.

Hanna & Fisher is well experienced in lease agreements and can provide you with peace of mind. Call us today at 419.599.1010 and let us handle this for you.


Hanna & Fisher can assist landlords in taking an eviction action against tenants who have breached a lease. This may be due to failure to pay rent or some other failure to comply with terms of a lease agreement. In addition, we advise you regarding recovering unpaid rent as well as other pertinent legal matters regarding the eviction of a tenant.

If you are a tenant and you believe that you are being wrongfully evicted, you have a right to produce evidence and testify at the eviction hearing. We can make sure that your rights as a tenant to contest the eviction are presented. Give us a call today and let us represent you.