Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

We are well experienced in estate planning and can advise you and handle this for you. We will explain why it may be beneficial to minimize involvement with the Probate Court in handling your estate after your death, and we will show you various methods to do so. Contact us for a consultation today!


A Will lets you name a representative for your estate, and waive the requirement that your representative be bonded. It also allows you to name your beneficiaries. A will must be properly drafted to suit your individual needs.

We are well experienced in this process and can advise you and handle this for you. Contact us for a consultation today!


Trusts are where one party holds property on behalf of another party. Trusts are created so a “trustee” can manage assets for beneficiaries.

A trust is one means to avoid Probate which can be time consuming and expensive. This can be a very important tool whether you are married or single. We can set up a trust for you.

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Powers of Attorney

Sudden illness, accident, or the infirmities of old age can render a loved one without the ability to fully function independently. A Power of Attorney document gives power to a designated person to access and manage affairs on that person’s behalf. A Health Care Power of Attorney designates a person who will be able to make health care decisions for you if you are no longer able to do so.

We can help you draft and execute power of attorney documents so that when you need the help of others, they have the legal authority to do so. Contact us today.

Living Wills

A living will provides one with the ability to leave instructions to health care providers regarding end-of-life care. This can take a large burden off of surviving family members because they know their loved one’s wishes can be legally fulfilled.

A living will is unlike a regular will. A living will dictates a person’s wishes before their death and expires immediately upon their death. We are highly experienced at writing living wills. Please contact our office to set up an appointment.

Transfer on Death Affidavits

A real estate owner can use a Transfer-On-Death designation affidavit to appoint one or more beneficiaries of his or her property while avoiding probate. Legal rights to the property are not assigned to the designated beneficiaries while the owner is living.

An owner may also transfer, amend, or revoke the affidavit without needing the consent of the beneficiaries. Once the owner passes away, the property is then transferred to each of the surviving designated beneficiaries.

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