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We handle the administration of a decedent’s estate through the Probate Court. We guide the estate representative throughout the proceedings.

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Guardianship is a probate court proceeding whereby an incapacitated adult or a minor child is appointed a guardian to care for and make decisions for the person who is unable to handle these decisions. Setting up a guardianship requires proper filings and procedures through the probate court.

We are experienced and familiar with Ohio laws pertaining to guardianship and can help you navigate the process.


If a child’s natural parent or parents cannot care for the child, the adoption utilizing the Probate Court creates an opportunity for someone to step in and take on the responsibilities of a parent. There are various reasons parents cannot care for a child, including death, abandonment, unfitness, or some other circumstance.

If you’re seeking to adopt, we can help you through the process with skill and confidence. To discuss your adoption options, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Name Changes

Whether you feel your and/or your child’s current name is no longer suitable, we can assist in this Probate Court proceeding.

At Hanna & Fisher, we have a thorough understanding of the requirements & process to assist you in receiving a name change. Call our office and set up an appointment today.